Local Council Program

OPAL Program

For several years we have been involved with the City of Charles Sturt Council's program OPAL: Obesity Prevention And LIfestyle. Through this we have focussed on the following programs:

- Think Feet First: Step, cycle or scoot to school. Being active is essential for children's health and finding an active way to travel to school is a great option.

- Park and Step: Families are invited to park their car in the nearby streets and walk the last distance to or from school. This is a way of involving activity into families' daily routine.

- Eating a Healthy Breakfast: Children are encouraged to begin the day by eating breakfast, "peel, pour and pop'.

- Make it a Fresh Snack: We encourage chldren to bring fresh and unpackaged foods. This provides healthy eating experiences and helps the environment by reducing litter. Each morning classes have "Crunch and Sip" when only fresh fruit or vegetables are eaten and water is drunk.