How To Enrol


We welcome enquiries regarding enrolment of children at Whitefriars School. We look forward to working collaboratively with parents to share in the education and nurturing the development of children in the vital years of primary schooling.

For families wishing to join Whitefriars school community:

1. Contact the school for an Application for Enrolment and Prospectus
2. Complete and return the form, together with the required attachments such as Birth certificate and Baptism certificate. A non-refundable application fee is paid.
3. A letter of acknowledgement is sent from the school and an interview with the Principal or Deputy Principal is arranged. For Reception children, this interview occurs two years prior to commencing school.                     

4. The interview is a time for sharing information: for the Principal/Deputy to learn about the child and for the family to learn about the school. A tour of the community and facilities is included.

5. If a position is available an Offer of Placement is provided. Return of the Acceptance Document, with a $100 fee per child ensures a position is held. This fee is deducted from the first term school fees.

6. If a position is not currently available the school will notify families and your child will be placed on a waiting list.

From 2014 there will be only one intake. Due to a change in policy in Catholic Schools in South Australia from this time children who turn five by April 30th can be included in the First term intake for that year. All other children can be enrolled in the following year first term intake. Children beginning school in Reception will be part of an Induction programme to assist their transition into our school community. This includes visits to the school in the weeks preceding their formal beginning at school.                                                                         

Guiding Criteria for Enrolling Students

The following criteria are the guiding priorities for accepting an application for enrolment:

  • Children who have a brother or sister at Whitefriars School
  • Baptised Catholic children from within the Croydon Park Parish
  • Baptised Catholic children who do not live within the Parish boundaries
  • Children transferring from other Catholic Schools
  • Children from other Christian denominations
  • Children from other religious faiths or world views and families who identify with the philosophy of Whitefriars School

All children participate in our Religious Education lessons and Religious celebrations and prayer, liturgies and events held during the course of our school year.

Children with Special Needs

The enrolment of children with special needs will be considered through the New Enrolment and Support Procedure. This is to ensure that enrolment is in the best interests of the child.