Catholic Education South Australia

Parental Engagement

At Whitefriars Catholic School we work in partnerships with parents to support their child's learning and wellbeing.

Meet the Teacher night: Each year parents are invited to meet their child's new teacher and to learn more about their child's learning for the year.

Learning Conversations: Children, parents and teachers have two formal opportunities to discuss the learning progress.  Learning conversations are held in Term 1 and Term 3. The child is present during these conversations to develop their ability to reflect upon their learning. Other opportunities to discuss your child's learning can also be organised through parent or teacher request.

Making Learning Visible Mornings: Parents and extended family have the opportunity to see the school in action and to see their child's learning during two open mornings (Catholic Education Week in Term 2 and Significant Persons Morning in Term 4).

Masses and Liturgies: Parents and family members are encouraged to join their class for Masses and Liturgies.

Assemblies: Parents and family members are also encouraged to join us for assemblies once a fortnight on Wednesday morning from 2.15 pm to 3.00 pm in the Mary MacKillop Centre.

The Federation of Catholic School Parent Communities:  The Federation represents parent voices for Catholic schools across South Australia.  Their website provides information for parents about school life and provides an opportunity for parents to express their views and opinions on key education issues. 

Catholic School Parents South Australia (CSPSA)

Catholic School Parents South Australia (CSPSA) promotes and supports parents and families by providing a voice for education and issues which affect their children.

CSPSA is an advocate for the families, parents and carers of children in Catholic schools, Catholic early learning centres and pre-schools. 

The organisation believes that:

  • All children have the opportunity to access a quality education, allowing each child to reach his or her potential; and
  • School and family collaboration is essential to successful spiritual, academic and developmental growth.

CSPSA aims to build an environment where parents can be empowered to take an active role as the primary educators of their children.