Catholic Education South Australia

Student Leadership

The students at Whitefriars Catholic School have many leadership opportunities:

  • School House Captains: Whitefriars Catholic School has four house teams called Joseph (Blue), Patrick (Green), Tenison (Red) and MacKillop (Gold) led each year by two House Captains in Year 6.
  • Performing Arts Leaders: Each year Performing Arts Leaders are selected to support our school with concerts and other performances.
  • Social Justice Leaders: Each year Social Justice Leaders are selected to support our school with social justice initiatives.
  • Student Representative Council: Once a fortnight a child from each class meets with a teacher/facilitator to discuss topics to help build our school community. The Student Representative Council gives our children a voice in the decision making in our school and to contribute to our continuous improvement.
  • Christian Leadership Groups:  Each fortnight, children in Year 5 and Year 6 participate in Christian Leadership.  During this time the children contribute to the school in a model of service through activities like classroom support, sustainability and social justice.
  • ​Journey to Emmaus: Journey to Emmaus is a leadership program for our Year 6 children to promote servant leadership through the values of courage, compassion and commitment.