Religious Education

Integral to the mission of the Catholic school is the provision of opportunities for children to learn about our loving God and to develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and grow in appreciation of the Gospel message.

This occurs through the classroom Religious Education program and throughout the life and culture of our school. Gospel values form the basis of all of our actions.

Liturgical Celebrations

Prayer is integral to the life of Christians. Children participate in and lead prayers and rituals within their classroom and for whole school gatherings.

Staff and students participate in school and year level Masses, celebrating particular feasts, seasons and occasions. Parents, grandparents and the wider community are actively encouraged to join in our various liturgical celebrations.

Sacramental Program

In partnership with the Croydon Park Catholic Parish and the parents of students from St Margaret Mary’s, St Patrick’s and the state schools, opportunities are provided for young people to continue their initiation into the Catholic Church through the Parish Sacramental Program.

Made in the Image of God

The MITIOG (Made in the Image of God) program is a human sexuality curriculum that respects the dignity of the human person and is grounded in the human vocation to love.

The four strands of Being Human, Being Connected, Being Sexual and Being Moral are strongly linked to the Religious Education and Health curriculums.