Teaching & Learning


At Whitefriars School, the student is at the centre of our learning agenda.

We believe that students learn when they:

  • Feel valued
  • Experience success
  • Are engaged in their learning and see its relevance
  • Feel safe, happy and secure
  • Are supported by both school and home
  • Work in collaborative teams with teachers and students

Each child’s needs are considered when planning the learning program and students are challenged to build on their prior knowledge.

We prepare our students for participating in the 21st Century, living out Catholic values and making a positive contribution to their world. Curriculum development is a continuous evolving process. We offer a rich curriculum based on the Australian Curriculum and we encourage our students to become independent lifelong learners.

Our English as an Additional Language (EAL) Program provides extra support for students for whom English is their additional language.

Whitefriars has been involved in the National Partnerships programme which has enabled us to have a strong emphasis on improving literacy skills. This Australian Government funded initiative has assisted in improving literacy outcomes through building teacher capacity.

Each week students are involved in specialist programs with specialist teachers in the areas of Physical Education, Music, Dance /Drama and a Language (Italian).